Ny Governor Paterson Im Still Running

09.21.09 | FL News Team

New York Governor David Paterson is turning aside a request from President Obama to drop out of the state's gubernatorial race in 2010. At the annual African-American Day Parade in Harlem yesterday, Paterson said he will run for reelection. He added that he would not, quote, "discuss confidential conversations." The "New York Times" quoted administration officials as saying Obama sent a request to Paterson to withdraw from the 2010 governor's race. Numerous reports indicate Paterson's dismal approval ratings in recent months are behind the request. The President is reportedly concerned Paterson's political struggles could hurt local Democratic leaders, allowing Republicans to gain control of the New York state legislature in November 2010. Paterson is scheduled to attend President Obama's speech at Hudson Valley Community College in Troy, New York later this morning.