Ny Firefighter Gives His Life For 5 Firemen

07.08.11 | Sarah Harnisch

A 62-year-old firefighter who rushed into a burning building and rescued five other firemen 30 years ago died from his injuries on Saturday. At a memorial service Thursday, Walter Hauser was hailed as a hero. His fellow firemen said "he was the one that got a lot of us out of there by telling us get up, we've got to go." One griever said "there were a lot of people who talked about him a lot more then he ever did."
   Hauser's humility was the focus of the memorial; his humility and sacrifice. In 1981, he went back and forth five times into the basement of a department store in Rochester to rescue fellow firefighters. 26 were injured. Hauser suffered severe damage to his lungs, and eventually endured a lung and heart transplant, as well as cancer.