Nws Confirms 6 Tornadoes 2 Microbursts In Ny Pa

07.10.14 | Sarah Harnisch

A half dozen tornadoes dropped from the sky on New York and Pennsylvania Tuesday. The data-- just in minutes ago-- from the National Weather Service. The teams returned back to their weather station at 1:40 this morning. There was an EF2 tornado in Smithfield New York, where 4 were killed, including a mother and her 4 month old baby. There was an EF1 tornado with 90 mile an hour winds in London New York-- 5 miles from Rome. 400 trees were downed. There was an EF1 in Deerfield New York in Oneida County. In Pennsylvania, there were EF1 tornadoes in New Albany in Bradford County, Cherry Township in Sullivan County, and in Mercer County. There were also 2 micro-bursts: one in Camillus and one in East Syracuse. That means one storm system Tuesday dropped 6 tornadoes and 2 microbursts in the span of 90 minutes.