Now We Wait To Find Out If Sandusky Will Get His Appeal

01.11.13 | Sarah Harnisch

How did everything go with former Penn State Assistant Coach Jerry Sandusky's hearing Thursday in Bellefont, Pennsylvania? Jerry Sandusky's lawyers argued Thursday that he deserves a new trial because his defense lacked sufficient time to prepare for the first one, but the judge did not immediately rule after an hour-and-a-half hearing.  Sandusky attorneys said they were swamped by 12,000 pages of documents, that judge John Cleland should have instructed jurors about the years it took for victims to report, and that hearsay evidence was improperly allowed. But prosecutors countered by showing most of the documents were not relevant, and even got defense Attorney Joe Amendola to admit that after reviewing them he did not find any that he would have used. Now, we wait, to see if Sandusky can appeal his sentence.