North Korea Says Us Missionary To Be Freed

02.05.10 | FL News Team

(Undated)  --  North Korea says American Robert Park will be released.  Park, a Christian activist, has been held by the North for more than a month after he deliberately crossed into the country from China.  Other activists say the 28-year-old Park entered the North to call more attention to Pyongyang's human rights abuses.  The official Korean Central News Agency did not say when or how Park, an Arizona resident, would be released.  It reports he confessed to illegally entering the country and sincerely repented.  It added that his turn-around is the result of the North's kind treatment of him.

Park was quoted by KCNA as saying that he misunderstood North Korea due to the false propaganda made by the West.  The report goes on to say Park is now convinced there is  "complete religious freedom" in the country.  However, a fellow activist says Park most likely did not say such things of his own free will and believes torture may have played a role.