Nonprofits Churches Tax Exempt Status At Risk

01.14.11 | Sarah Harnisch

A high ranking Republican member of the 112th Congress gave a Christian financial group a veiled warning this week that could have huge consequences for every nonprofit group and church in the nation. Senate Finance Committee Member Charles Grassley posed a subtle threat to the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability this week-- laying out an an ultimatum for them to “work with representatives in the faith community to investigate whether financial reform of nonprofits can be accomplished without legislation." There is a call on Capitol Hill for the Fairness Doctrine to be reintstated. Some of the issues Grassley wants the E.F.C.A. to address: limits on clergy housing allowances, clarification of tax rules about love offerings recieved to a church, and speaking about politics in a church or any religious organization. He is calling on them to fix it first, or else they may face new rules being eyed by Congress that could cost a nonprofit their tax exempt status.