No High Volume Hydrofracking In Ny Until At Least 2013

11.21.12 | Sarah Harnisch

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo says the state is going to miss the deadline on high volume hydrofracking. The DEC had until November 29th to wrap up its report on fracking, but last week, it unveiled an out-of-state panel of three experts to take a closer look at its study. Cuomo said Tuesday it's unrealistic for them to complete their assessment by next Thursday. Missing the deadline leaves the state Department of Conservation with a choice: restart its rule-making process, or issue a revised set of proposals and get a 90 day extension. The extension would require a 30 day comment period, meaning the proposals would have to be made public by February 27th. The last comment period drew 80-thousand submissions, which the DEC has to weed through before approving drilling in the state.