No Election Day Operations For Nato Troops

08.18.09 | FL News Team

(Kabul)  --  Despite the recent rise in violence in Afghanistan, NATO troops won't be conducting offensive operations on election day.  A spokesman for the Western forces says  they will maintain outer perimeter security during Thursday's election, as Afghan soldiers and police guard towns and polling stations.  The pullback is part of an agreement with Afghan troops.  

Meanwhile, a suicide bomber crashed an explosive-filled car into a Western military convoy in the Afghan capital of Kabul today and a Taliban rocket hit the presidential palace grounds.  The attacks came just two days before incumbent Hamid Karzai seeks re-election.  An Afghan military hospital spokesperson says at least seven people were killed and 52 hurt in the suicide bombing in what appeared to be an attack targeting a Western military food convoy.  Most of the casualties were civilian bystanders.