New Yorks Gas Drilling Could Could Rest On A Single Lawsuit

11.03.11 | Sarah Harnisch

  New York's gas drilling future could rest on a single local lawsuit. Farmer Jennifer Huntington from Middlefield, New York-- in the Binghamton area-- says she signed a lease with a gas drilling company, and then her town banned drilling. So she's suing her town. Senator James Seward says he's introduced a bill that would let every town decide whether or not they want to allow drilling-- even after the DEC issues their ruling. But Huntingdon says there needs to be one blanket law across the state-- not a hodge-podge of legislation. The State Senate isn't passing any gas drilling bills until the DEC finishes its study sometime next year-- meaning Huntingdon's lawsuit could play a major role in how the rules are written for each town-- if she wins.