New York Times Adds Japanese Puzzle

02.10.09 | FL News Team

Okay, puzzle fans. Forget Sudoku. The latest brain teaser from Japan is KenKen, and it requires actual math skills. KenKen joined the fabled crossword page of "The New York Times" starting Monday.

Puzzles editor Will Shortz introduced the new logic game, which features a sudoku-like grid but requires basic arithmetic to fill in the blanks. The "Times" will feature two puzzles per day, Monday through Saturday.

The first is a four-by-four square that will progress from easy to medium.  The second is a six-by-six square that will go from medium to hard. KenKen was developed in 2004 by a Japanese teacher. The idea was to trick kids into building their math and thinking skills. The teacher said he believes in, quote, "the art of teaching without teaching."