New York Pa College Grads Take Out Some Of The Highest Student Loans In The Nation

11.04.11 | Sarah Harnisch

 A research group looked at every public and private college in the nation, and put out a report today that shows how much debt the average students leaves with. New York and Pennsylvania were among the most expensive states to school in-- in the nation. The report was released by the Institute for College Access and Success. They found overall, the average 2010 graduate in America carries 25-thousand dollars in student loans, and 1 in 10 won't be able to find a job immediately. It's the highest graduate unemployment rate in years. New York ranked 10th in the nation for college debt, with 6 in 10 grads owing at least 26-thousand dollars. Pennsylvania fared even worse: 6th in the nation for debt, with 70 percent of all Keystone state students graduating with at least 28-thousand dollars in loans.

  If you want to see the report for yourself, go here.