New York May Be Poised To Announce Hydrofracking Decision

08.21.12 | Sarah Harnisch

The wait may soon be over. A decision on whether or not to allow hydrofracking in New York state could come just after Labor Day. Dan Fitzsimmons is President of the New York State Landowner's coalition, one of the largest groups in the state that supports Shale gas drilling. He says he'll believe it when it sees it. "At this time, we'd have to say it's just another rumor. We've heard many rumors coming out of the media right now. Until we hear it actually from the D.E.C. or the governor, we've got to wait to hear that information from them." The D.E.C. issued a statement late last night in responce to a C.B.S. report saying the decision had already been made. State officials called that report "premature", but did not deny that they will make an announcement after the Labor Day holiday. Environmentalists say hydrofracking, which breaks up rock under the ground to get at natural gas, breaks up dangerous chemicals too. Supporters say it will boost the economy and help farmers. Pennsylvania allows drilling in the Marcellus Shale. Keystone state landowners will rake in more then 2-billion dollars this year.