New York Highway Fatalities Decreased When Speed Limit Increased

07.30.09 | FL News Team

(Syracuse, NY) -- A recent nationwide study has found the number of highway deaths has grown since Congress wiped out all federal speed limits in 1995.

That doesn't seem to be true in New York, however.

According to the study in the "American Journal of Public Health," nationally, the higher speed limits led to about 12-thousand-500 more deaths on U.S. roads between 1995 and 2005.  It found that states that raised the speed limit from 55-miles-an-hour to 65-miles-an-hour resulted in the higher death toll as well as about 36-thousand more injuries.

In New York, the death toll actually decreased as the speed limit increased.  In the same time frame, 1995 to 2005, fatalities went down.  There were around 17-hundred highway deaths in 1995, but only about 14-hundred ten years later.