New York Closer Than Ever To Gay Marriage Bill

06.17.11 | Sarah Harnisch

Fans of traditional families are flooding the phones of undecided New York State Senators, trying to get them to vote "no" on a bill that would allow homosexual marriages. Western New York Republican Mark Grisanti is one of four who is still "on the fence" about this highly controversial issue. 

"He is not voting in favor of the people that put him in," says Susan Rogacki of Buffalo. She lives in Senator Grisanti's district and can't understand his indecision all of a sudden. "Many of us voted for him because he promised to uphold the values of marriage between a man and a woman."

Grisanti, along with downstate senators Steve Saland, Greg Ball, and Andrew Lanza are said to be the key votes for the gay marriage agenda in New York. Governor Cuomo is heavily lobbying the senators in the gay marriage fight. He plans to meet with more senators today. Last night, Senate Republican Leader Dean Skelos predicted he'd bring the bill to a floor vote today. If the vote sways in favor of gay rights, pundits say the governor could have a bill signed into law in New York State as early as Tuesday.