New York Clerk Finds A Way To Dodge Giving Gay Marriage Licenses

10.26.11 | Sarah Harnisch

   A 57-year-old town clerk from Ledyard, New York is challenging the system that forces her to issue marriage liscenses to gay couples. Longtime Clerk Rose Marie Belforti asks that all gay marriage licenses be issued by appointment-- so she can have a deputy handle them, without loosing her job. New York passed a law earlier this year mandating for people in her position to issue marriage licsenses for gay weddings. But her arrangement was quickly tested by a lesbian couple from Florida with a farm in the area. They refused to set up an appointment, and now are being represented by a liberal advocacy group called "People for the American Way." A lawsuit is possible, though none has been filed. Belforti says she's not discriminating, since she asks both gay and staight couples to make appointments. She says people are opposed to accommodating her Christian faith. We'll find out November 8th, when she has to be re-elected to office.