New Species Discovered In Papua New Guinea

03.25.09 | FL News Team

More than 50 new animals species have been discovered in a mountainous area of Papua New Guinea. The findings were announced today by Conservation International, a Washington D.C.-based organization that has spent months analyzing 600 species encountered duing an expedition in July and August.

Researchers worked with local communities on the South Pacific island. Scientist Bruce Beehler told the Associated Press that the native residents are very close to their environment. He said because of that, " learn a lot more because they already know so much."

Conservational International plans to go back to Papua New Guinea three times this year to look for more new species.

flnn-frog - Frog
Nyctimystes - A large tree frog
(© Steve Richards)

flnn-gecko - Gecko
Cyrtodactylus - A bent-toed gecko
(© Steve Richards)

flnn-frog2 - Frog2
Oreophryne - A tiny frog species with a sharp chirping call
(© Steve Richards)

flnn-spider2 - Spider2
Uroballus - A jumping spider species
(© Wayne Maddison)

flnn-frog3 - Frog3
Litoria frog - Uses a loud ringing song to call for a mate
(© Steve Richards)

flnn-spider - Spider
Tabuina varirata - A jumping spider species
(© Wayne Maddison)

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