New Poll Finds Americans In Anti Incumbent Anti Government Mood

06.08.10 |

Just in time for today's primary elections comes a new poll that portends a most uncertain November for incumbents. In a "Washington Post"/ABC News poll, a meager 29-percent say they would vote for their current congressional representative in the fall elections. That percentage is even lower than in 1994, when Democrats were soundly swept from power after having a 40-year majority. Overall, Americans are fed up with government. Sixty-nine-percent of those polled say they are either dissatisfied or angry with Washington politicians, with 60-percent saying they are open to voting for another candidate in the fall. That figure is the most ever for a "Post"/ABC poll.

 But the poll shows Tea Party candidates and Republicans should be concerned, too. More than half of the one-thousand-four adults surveyed expressed an unfavorable impression of the Tea Party. Six out of ten feel negative toward Republican policies, while just a third trust GOP lawmakers over Democrats to deal with the nation's pressing problems. The poll was conducted over the phone with respondents from Thursday through Sunday.