New Jerry Sandusky Report Out Today Disputes Freeh Report

02.11.13 | Sarah Harnisch

Late Penn State Football Coach Joe Paterno's wife Sue will give an interview today, refuting the findings of the Freeh report that tarnished the Paterno name. She will tell Katie Couric "we have five children and seventeen grandchildren, our lives are about children." She said when she first learned about the charges against Jerry Sandusky, she became physically sick. Louis Freeh issued a statement last night saying Sue Paterno's interview doesn't change the facts established in his report. Meanwhile, later today, the King and Spalding review will be released. It's an investigation that looks into Freeh's sources, and was paid for by the Paterno family. It shows Paterno never recieved many emails used as evidence against him, and many of the key figures involved were never interviewed by Louis Freeh.