New Flood Threat For Southern Pakistan

09.13.10 | FL News Team

(Dadu)  --  A new flood threat in southern Pakistan is forcing tens of thousands of people to leave their homes.  The embankments built to protect towns in the flood plains are now letting floodwaters, that are on their way to the Arabian Sea, pour into new areas including Lake Manchar.  The additional water has caused the lake to get within a few inches of spilling over.  Officials say the water level has reached a dangerous point in Lake Manchar forcing more people to evacuate from towns in the Dadu district of Sindh.  Several towns located around the lake are now in danger of being flooded, threatening around 250-thousand people.  

So far, the floods have forced more than six-million people from their homes.  Overall 20-million people have been affected.  The Pakistani government estimates the damage from the flooding to be around 43-billion-dollars.