New Documentary Film Causes 8 Women To Do A 180 On Abortion

09.20.11 |

    There's a new 33-minute online documentary film set to be released Sunday that tracks the lives of 8 pro-choice women who did a 180 on abortions after being asked 1 question. Evangelist Ray Comfort's film is called "180"-- and it's fascinating because it shows how a change in perspective can dramatically alter a person's belief set. Comfort interviews 8 different women and alters their view on abortion in seconds. He also videos the transformation of a blue-mohawked man named "Steve"-- a Neo-Nazi" and "pro-everything evil". Comfort says he will not release the one question they are asked until the video is released. Comfort plans to do give 200,000 DVD copies of the film to 100 colleges in the U.S., and he's praying the film goes viral-- because he believes it will lead more people to Christ.

  To view the trailer, go here.