New Developments In Psu Child Abuse Scandal

11.17.11 | Bob Price

There are several new developments in the Penn State child abuse investigation. Accused coach Jerry Sandusky's prime time interview has led to several more possible victims, coming forward.  Some of them reportedly lived with sandusky in the 1970's and were part of the "fresh air fund" in NY.

Meanwhile, the judge that allowed Sandusky to avoid jail time while awaiting trial has been removed from the case.  She donated money to sandusky's second mile charity.  New details are emerging today about the close relation between the not-for-profit agency and PSU.  The pennsylvania attorney general is now looking at what the second mile did, or didn't do to stop the alledged abuse.

Also today,  police in State College say they have no record of former assistant Mike Mqueary coming to them about an alledged incident of abuse inside the Penn State locker room in 2002.  Mqueary sent emails last week, saying he told police about what he witnessed - the police say so far - his report doesn't check out.  So far 3 university employees and a legendary football coach in Joe Paterno have lost their jobs over the scandel as authorities brace for civil and criminal action against the school.