Nations Health Law Takes Effect Thursday

09.22.10 | FL News Team

Tomorrow's the day when some of the changes brought about by federal health care reform will take effect.  Insurers will no longer be able to set a dollar limit on how much care they'll provide over the lifetime of a patient.  They'll also no longer be able to deny coverage to sick children.  Parents will be allowed to keep their offspring on their health plans until age 26.  And consumers will be granted stronger rights to appeal insurers' decisions they feel are unfair or discriminatory.  However, many people won't be able to take advantage of the changes until January 1st, because that's when most plans are renewed, particularly if one's insurance comes through their employer.

Health Secretary Kathleen Sebelius says that some insurance companies have already begun notifying clients of impending rate hikes for 2011, and are blaming the increased costs on the new health care law.  Sebelius warned that the Department of Health and Human Services will work with individual states and won't tolerate unjustified rate hikes.