Nashville Named Manliest City In America

03.06.09 | FL News Team

Nashville, Tennessee is the official home of the manliest men in America. That is the claim of a study paid for by Mars snacks. Researchers looked at 50 major metropolitan areas judging things like the number of major league sports teams, the popularity of tools and hardware and the number of monster truck rallies visiting the city. Points were lost for having too many home furnishing stores, high minivan sales and beauty magazine subscription rates.

Nashville was pushed over the top by the high number of NASCAR fans living in the city limits along with a hearty number of barbecue restaurants. Ranking at the bottom of the list at number 50 is the Big Apple. New York did well in the number of bowling alleys but was dragged down by the lack of fishing, home improvement stores and virtually no drag racing. 

America's top ten manliest cities are, Nashville; Charlotte, North Carolina; Oklahoma City, Oklahoma; Cincinnati, Ohio and Denver, Colorado.  At the bottom of the list the District of Columbia rates 45th followed by Chicago, Illinois; Portland, Oregon; San Francisco and Los Angeles and finally New York City.