Nascar Fever At The Glen

08.07.13 | Bob Price

Before the races start, those fans are keeping themselves helping business. “All of the little shops in town, all the antiquing, we do a lot of antiquing and a lot of shopping—spending money," said Gary Carlbon, who has been visiting for the NASCAR race since 1989. More than 100,000 fans, plus teams, executives and media, means a lot of spending money. Out-of-town vendors set up special NASCAR merchandise tents so people can spend even more. Most Schuyler County businesses count the races as the biggest event of the year in terms of spending.  While fans will spend most of their time at the track, the majority of hotels were fully booked within a 45 minute drive in any direction from the track.  The Watkins Glen hotels, such as the Harbor Hotel and Glen Motor Inn are booked at least a year in advance. NASCAR fans create an economic impact during race week in ten counties. The yearly impact from the track is 290 million dollars.