Most Americans Unaware That Skipping The Census Is Illegal

03.16.10 | FL News Team

When you get that Census form in the mail, if you ignore it you'll be breaking the law. Most Americans don't realize this. A new Rasmussen Reports poll shows that only 13-percent know it's illegal to not fully complete the U.S. Census form. Meanwhile, 57-percent are under the mistaken belief that it isn't a crime to not complete the questionnaire. Just over half of those surveyed think the Census provides the government with a count of people residing in the U.S. along with some other basic information, but 22-percent believe detailed personal questions are included in the Census. Most Americans are aware of the Census undertaking. Nearly 75-percent say they have seen TV commercials about the Census, while 76-percent have received notices in the mail about the project. The U.S. Census Bureau is mailing out Census forms this month. More information is available online at