Mortgage Foreclosures Hit 4 Year Highs

09.15.11 | Sarah Harnisch

  Mortgage foreclosures are at 4-year highs. Seventy-nine-thousand people got foreclosure notices last month; that's a 33 percent spike. But there's help, and it's free. A new toll free number and a new government website puts homeowners in direct touch with a H.U.D. approved housing counselor. Nearly four-million Americans are more than 60-days behind in their mortgage and countless others are one paycheck away from missing a payment. H.U.D. tells our newsroom "it's very tempting to delay conversations about concerns. And when you delay conversations about your mortgage concerns, we learn many people can enter the foreclosure process without ever reaching out for assistance."  You can call 888-995-HOPE or go to to get help.