More Evidence Found Of A Global Flood

04.14.11 | Sarah Harnisch

There's more evidence of a global flood. A massive shark jawbone has been found in west Kentucky, 4 miles under the ground. It was found by a coal miner.  The 18-inch fossil eventually got to the Kentucky Geological Survey. They said "compared to others we've seen, it was just big. It might have looked something have been something like a Great White shark, maybe up to 20-plus feet in length, weighed several tons." Researchers could only come to one conclusion. They said "probably we had just as far as you could see, wet, swampy conditions over Kentucky, and then, very rapidly, the sea came in." They say a Great Flood is the only way a shark that large could be found dead center in the middle of the American continent. Want to hear the story for yourself? Go here.