Missionary Pilot Gets New Liver

06.14.11 | Sarah Harnisch

Dale Shaylor is a missionary pilot in Venezuela. He's the only one legally allowed to fly missions teams in and out of the country. But since December, he's been too sick to work. He needs a liver transplant after contracting two forms of Hepatitis in the jungle. Shaylor, who lives on a missionary's salary, had to raise over $200,000 to get on a transplant list.

We got word that he got on the list earlier this week and within 5 days, a liver came up -- even though he had a rare blood form. Youth Pastor Ben Hazen, from Montoursville Pennsylvania, was in charge of the fundraising effort. He called it "a sheer grace of God."

There were more miracles. They found out Thursday that they had just six hours to get Shaylor from Florida to Tennesse for the surgery. That's when a businessman in their church stepped up and provided a private jet. They got to the hospital in time, but there was no surgeon to do the procedure. God provided that, too -- Shaylor ended up with the same surgeon that operated on Apple CEO Steve Jobs.

At 2 a.m. Tuesday, he came through the surgery well. Shaylor's wife says his breathing tube will come out this morning, and then he will come to again.

If you'd like to read updates on Shaylor's facebook page, go here.

And if you'd like to donate to his medical expenses, you can do that by going here.

Also, if you want a quick way to donate, you can text it! Use your cell phone and text the message "NFT Dale" (with a space between the words) to the number 85944. Then reply yes, and you will have made a 10-dollar donation.