Minor League Baseball Team Has A Major 5000 Calorie Burger

03.26.09 | FL News Team

flnn-burger - Burger

Minor league baseball teams usually try just about any sort of promotions to get people in the ballpark, but the West Michigan Whitecaps may have topped them all. The Single-A affiliate of the Detroit Tigers have put a gargantuan burger on the menu which will strike fear into the heart of any cardiologist.

The Fifth Third burger is named for the title sponsor of the team's stadium and includes five one-third-pound beef patties, nacho cheese, chili, salsa, Fritos, tomato and lettuce, all on an eight-inch bun. All of those ingredients have led many to ask an important question: Why not just add bacon, too?

The colon-clogger has an artery-bursting 300 grams of fat and 4,800 calories, believed to be the highest calorie content of any item ever served at a ballpark. A Whitecaps spokesman said the Fifth Third burger is "not for the casual eater" and suggests sharing it with friends.

The burger does not come cheap. If you want to chance a heart attack, it will cost you 20 dollars. CNBC has given the burger the title of "Minor League Concession Item Of The Year."