Millennial Generation Less Religious Than Older Americans

02.18.10 | FL News Team

A new report claims Americans in the Millennial Generation are significantly less religious than older Americans. The Pew Research Center's Forum on Religion and Public Life notes that a quarter are not affiliated with any particular faith. The Millennial Generation consists of people ages 18 to 29. The group is more unaffiliated than the members of Generation X were at a comparable time in their life cycle and double that of Baby Boomers as young adults. Also, fewer young people today say religion is important in their lives.

 However, in some cases, not much differs between the Millennials and previous generations. The beliefs among young adults about life after death and the existence of Heaven and Hell closely resemble that of older people. The percentage of young adults who say they pray on a daily basis matches the portion of young people who said the same in previous decades.