Michigan Church Runs Out Of Easter Eggs

04.29.11 | Sarah Harnisch

 Here's a problem many churches would love to have: a bunch of kids went home empty handed at an Easter egg event in Hartland, Michigan, because too many people showed up. Cornerstone Church of Oakland County's Highland Township issued an apology yesterday. 30,000 eggs were being given out -- including half dropped from a helicopter. But when triple the amount of children showed up, the church got concerned. They say it was partly due to an ad campaign. Things actually got so crazy that the church will have to pay about 5-thousand-dollars in damages to the grounds of the school where they held the event, 38 miles northwest of Detroit. Parents pushed kids out of the way to collect eggs for their own children.  A church spokesman said "it was sad that a lot of kids walked away with no egg. It was definitely not planned from either end to be what it turned out to be."