Memorial Day Is Time To Think About Military

05.28.10 |

The sacrifices of the military should be top of mind on Memorial Day, not the beginning of summer. That's the opinion of Army Lieutenant Colonel Robert Manning, who said the day is time for Americans to acknowledge the contribution the military has made to freedom. Manning pointed out that events at Arlington National Cemetery give the public a place to remember the service of military members. He said eight months of planning go into the Memorial Day event there, which involves hundreds of military members from all branches of the service. Thousands of citizens attend the Memorial Day event each year.

 Aside from the Arlington observance, Manning points out that everyone can honor the day. The veteran of two Iraq deployments said that along with attending parades, he always talks to his children about the service of men and women who have given their lives for the cause of freedom. He also remembers those he served with during his deployments. Manning noted that Memorial Day is a national day of prayer.