Mcdonalds Opening Eatery At Paris Louvre

10.05.09 | FL News Team

Fast food's coming to the Louvre. The British paper the "Telegraph" reports that McDonald's plans to open a restaurant in November near the entrance of Paris' Louvre museum. The restaurant will represent the "American" section of a new food court. Both art lovers and French food connoisseurs are condemning what they consider another crass commercial incursion at the hub of high art and fine food. They're having to come to terms with golden arches and the Mona Lisa living adjacent to each other at the world's most visited museum. The fast food eatery follows last year's opening of a Starbucks near the museum's entrance. McDonald's is celebrating its 30th anniversary in France. According to the company, France has become its largest market outside of the U.S., serving up to 450 million customers a year.