Mark Twain Short Story To Be Published

03.10.09 | FL News Team

Something new is coming from 19th century author Mark Twain. It is a short story that has never been published and will appear in the pages of the mystery magazine "The Strand" on Tuesday.

"The Undertaker's Tale" will appear nearly 99 years after Twain's death on April 21st, 1910. The Twain tale was discovered among his personal papers and is about a homeless boy who goes to live with a kindly undertaker's family. The magazine's editor Andrew Gulli notes Twain crafted a tongue-in-cheek story about the funeral industry that is as modern as stories being penned today.

"The Undertaker's Story" will also be included in a new book called "Who is Mark Twain?," that will be released next month. The book is the first collection of his unpublished short stories and will include essays in which he critiques the clergy and politicians. In it Twain writes, "Reader, suppose you were an idiot, and suppose you were a member of Congress. But I repeat myself."