Magnitude 72 Quake Felt By 20 Million In Mexico Southwest Us

04.05.10 | FL News Team

Sunday's 7.2 earthquake on the Mexico-California border shook an estimated 20-million people in Mexico and the Southwest and was the area's strongest in almost 20 years. Residents from the border to Los Angeles and the Southwest remain on alert. Caltech scientist Lucy Jones says its "reasonably likely" that a 6.0-magnitude quake could strike the region within a few days, adding that an earthquake stronger than 7.2 is unlikely, but still possible. Meanwhile, the Baja California-based "La Cronica" newspaper is reporting that two people have died from the quake while about 100 others have been injured. There were more than 70 minor quakes and aftershocks throughout the region from Mexico to California following the major shaker. Items fell from shelves in stores and homes in southern California, but no major injuries were reported in the U.S. The big quake south of the border caused power outages in both countries. Huge cracks have appeared in a highway that connects Tijuana and Mexicali.