Madoff Victims Hope Swindlers Homes Sell For Big Money

08.04.09 | FL News Team

The many investors victimized in convicted swindler Bernard Madoff's [[ MAY-doff's ]] multi-billion-dollar Ponzi scheme hope his four posh homes sell for big bucks. It's estimated those properties, along with the homes' furnishings and Madoff's 55-foot yacht, could fetch up to 30-million-dollars. That money would be returned to bilked investors.


In court filings, Madoff's four-bedroom Manhattan penthouse is valued at more than seven-million dollars. The disgraced Wall Street financier's three-thousand-square-foot beachfront home at the eastern tip of Long Island, New York, could sell for as much as ten-million dollars. Also on the market is Madoff's five-bedroom seven-bath waterfront home in Palm Beach, Florida. It's located near the Palm Beach Country Club where Madoff snagged a number of his investors. The fourth home, which already sold for about one-point-five-million dollars, is a vacation property located on the Riviera on the southern coast of France.