Local Fallen Marine Honored Saturday

11.12.10 |

   Not since the Vietnam War has a fallen soldier had a boat named after him, but it's gonna happen on Saturday to a marine in our own backyard.  22 year old Corporal Jason Dunham was raised in the village of Scio in Alleghany County-- in western New York.
    His family and 5 thousand others have assembled in Port Everglades, Florida to watch the U.S.S. Jason Dunham get commissioned tomorrow. The 92 hundred ton destroyer is 509 feet long... it can fight air, surface, and subsurface battles simultaneously. The helmet that dunham was wearing-- sprayed with bulletholes-- when he threw his body on a grenade to save his team-- has been made a part of the mast of that ship. On saturday, his mother, Deb Dunham, will give the first command to the crew as a part of military tradition.