Licens Suspension For Texting And Driving

06.06.13 | Abby Lutcher

The legislation approved by the Senate and Assembly today applies to drivers with permits and probationary or junior licenses. The traffic violations already carried fines. Now, young drivers will face a 60-day suspension for a first offense. A second offense within six months would revoke a probationary license for six months and a junior license for 60 days. We spoke with local drivers who say these harsher penalties could help save lives.  Tim Blandford says, "I think if they are caught doing it and they get a fine that would help to remind them that they shouldn't be doing it if they're driving I think it would be a good deterrent." Ruth Merrick says, "If I got my license taken away for sixty days I think I would think about it twice." The bill also applies to drivers using a handheld electronic device while behind the wheel.