Libya Says It Accepts Us Apology

03.10.10 | FL News Team

Libya has ended a diplomatic quarrel with the United States with leaders there saying they accepted an apology from the State Department. A period of tense foreign relations centered around a comment made by president Muammar Gaddafi, who called for "jihad" against Switzerland. The Libyan leader was reportedly referring to a trade embargo not an "armed struggle," a common translation of the word. State Department Spokesman P.J. Crowley responded to Gaddafi's call to "jihad" by saying his address had quote, "lots of words and lots of papers flying all over the place, not necessarily a lot of sense." Libya then threatened that U.S. energy firms operating there would suffer unless the State Department apologized. Several top U.S. energy firms have invested billions in Libya, home to Africa's largest known oil reserves.

 Crowley issued a statement saying his personal comments do not reflect the views of the State Department. Libya said it accepts the apology and looks forward to continuing the relationship within a framework of mutual respect.