Lawmaker Corbett Should Think Twice About Running For Pa Governor

03.31.09 | Terry Diener

Pennsylvania's House Democratic leader says Republican Tom Corbett should think twice about running for governor from the state attorney general's office. Rep. Todd Eachus told a Pennsylvania Press Club luncheon Monday that the presumptive GOP candidate for Virginia governor resigned as that state's attorney general because staying in the office would be unfair to taxpayers.

The attorney general has not declared his candidacy for the 2010 election, but has formed a exploratory committee. Eachus says he is not urging Corbett to step down, but only to consider what the Virginia candidate decided.

Corbett is overseeing an ongoing investigation of alleged legislative corruption that so far has resulted in criminal charges against 12 former members or former staff of the House Democratic caucus. He says he needs to re-evaluate his duties to the people of Pennsylvania, and what it would mean to leave an investigation of that scale mid-stream.