Largest Plate Of Hummus Created In Lebanon

05.11.10 | FL News Team

Lebanon and Israel's battle over hummus was intensified over the weekend. According to, approximately 300 Lebanese chefs came together Saturday to create the world's largest plate of hummus. The record-setting dish, which was prepared in the town al-Fanar, weighed in at 23-thousand-42 pounds. Chefs used eight tons of boiled hummus, two tons of thahini, two tons of lemon juice, and 154 pounds of olive oil to break the record. Lebanon's achievement breaks the previous record that was set last January when Israeli chefs made a plate of hummus that weighed more than four tons. While both Israel and Lebanon have been battling over hummus for years, Israeli Shooky Galili says the competition is a good thing. He explains, quote, "I think in the end this rivalry will show that we in the Middle East have far more in common than the things that divide us."