Key Senate Panel Digs Into Healthcare Reform Bill

09.23.09 | FL News Team

(Washington, DC)  --  A key Senate panel is digging into the details of a complex and controversial healthcare reform bill.  Senators on the Finance Committee have proposed more than 550 amendments to a bill by Montana Democrat Max Baucus, chairman of the committee.

Baucus' bill is taking flak from Republicans and Democrats.  Some Democrats are upset because there's no government-run public option in Baucus' bill, something favored by the White House and Democrats in the House.  Baucus' committee is the last of five panels in the House and Senate to take up healthcare reform.

Conservatives have ripped all Democratic healthcare proposals as budget-busting, tax-and-spend boondoggles.  Republicans contend a government option is a plot to takeover the private U.S. healthcare system.  Democrats reject those assertions, accusing critics of shilling for the powerful health insurance companies.