Journal Publishing Full Details Of Hiv Vaccine Trial

10.20.09 | FL News Team

Full details from a broad clinical trial of the first vaccine to show any effectiveness at preventing HIV infection are being released today. The trial sponsored by the U.S. government and the Thai Ministry of Public Health tested a combination of two previously failed HIV vaccines on 16-thousand volunteers in Thailand. Last month, researchers announced that the experimental inoculation had cut the risk of new infections of the virus that causes AIDS by more than 30-percent over three years. The findings are published in today's issue of the "New England Journal of Medicine." Researchers will also present the details of the study today at a meeting of AIDS vaccine researchers in Paris.

The journal also conducted a peer review of the clinical trial. Critics have suggested researchers analyzed the data using flawed statistical methods. U.S. Army Colonel Dr. Jerome Kim of the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research, who helped lead the trial, says the findings held up under the journal's peer review. He claims, quote, "That's a validation of the results." However, Kim points out the vaccine is nowhere near ready for commercial use.