John Boehner Speaks At Christian Broadcasting Convention

02.28.11 | Sarah Harnisch

   There was a very famous guest at the National Religious Broadcastors Convention over the weekend. That's a gathering of thousands of Christian radio stations. House Speaker John Boehner made a speech. In it, he said freedom is a God-given right, but we have to work to make sure we don't take our own freedom away. Boehner focused on how much America is spending. He said "the American people want government to stay open, but they also want it to spend less money."  He said the U.S. House is going to pass a small budget bill that cuts spending but keeps the government afloat till a bigger bill that cuts more can be passed. Then he addressed liberals directly, saying republicans won't make democrats each the budget cut loaf at one time. He said "we'll make them eat it one slice at a time."