Israel Palestinians Agree To Resume Peace Talks

08.20.10 | FL News Team

(Washington, DC)  --  Israel and the Palestinians have agreed to resume peace talks.  Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said the two sides have been formally invited to peace talks in Washington, early next month.  Secretary Clinton said the U.S. remains committed to a "two-state solution" in the volatile region.

The leaders of Egypt and Jordan have also been invited to the summit.  Clinton warned that it will be tough sledding, saying the "enemies of peace" will continue efforts to deter the peace process.

In a State Department briefing, special Mideast envoy George Mitchell said the long-stalled peace process will enter a critical new phase.  He noted the tenuous nature of the process, in consideration of ongoing mistrust and hostility on both sides. Former Senator Mitchell, who helped broker a lasting peace agreement in Northern Ireland, said the U.S. will remain patient and will persevere in the high-stakes negotiations.