Is Your County In The Nationwide Drought Check Out Our Map

07.13.12 |

Temperatures will exceed 90 in New York and Pennsylvania today for the fourth time this month. That is 10 degrees above average. Parts of New York and Pennsylvania are officially in a drought, along with a thousand other counties nationwide.  It's the biggest natural disaster declaration ever by the U.S. Department of agriculture. Erie and Niagara counties are asking people to save water where they can.  Grand Island Town Supervisor Mary Cooke says people don't even realize that small gestures make a huge difference, especially when everyone in the town does it. She says "your lawn will come back. Spend the water on the areas that really matter. If you can save a few minutes off your shower, you can save a lot of water. And brushing your teeth takes two gallons of water if you leave the tap running-- so don't do that." Half of New York and P.A. are listed as "abnornally dry" and a handful of counties on the Western borders in both states are in a dought.

If you want to see if your county is in the drought, check out this map.