Is The Unrest In The Middle East Tied To End Times Prophecy

03.30.11 | Bob Price

  Just in the past 8 weeks, there has been fighting in Egypt, Yemen, Syria, and Lybia. What does all this Arab unrest have to do with the end times? Mideast expert and "Prophesy Today" host Jimmy DeYoung says keep your eye on Iran. He says President Mahmoud Amadinejad is waiting on the sidelines, ready to rush in to the power vaccum created by the toppling of Mideast governments. He says "Amadinejad made the statement that we are going to see a new middle East. And in this new Middle East, there will be no Jewish state called Israel." DeYoung says he's worried that the Muslim brotherhood will step in once democracy is in place, so they can put an Islamic Republic right where the dictator once stood.