Iran Plans War Games Near Us Ships

12.22.11 | Jeremy Miller

U.S. Navy

Iran is planning war games near U.S. Navy ships.  Iranian officials say ten days of military drills that will include warships and missiles are scheduled to start in the Persian Gulf region this weekend.  The U.S. Navy's Fifth Fleet based in Bahrain patrols that area. Members of the Fifth are not showing concern. Iran's display of strength comes as the U.S. and Israel are ramping up rhetoric on Iran's nuclear program.  Both nations say a military option is possible to stop Iranian nuclear ambitions.  The West accuses Iran of building an atomic weapon.  However, Iran says its nuclear efforts are peaceful. Meanwhile, the United States is putting a 10-million-dollar bounty on the head of a suspected al-Qaeda agent believed to be in Iran.  The State Department says Yasin al-Suri moves money and recruits from the Middle East through Iran to Pakistan and Afghanistan.  Officials say the Syrian-born operative has been working for the terrorist network in Iran since 2005 with the cooperation of the Iranian government.