Iran Begins Loading Nuclear Fuel

10.26.10 | FL News Team

(Tehran)  --  Iran has begun loading fuel into the core of its first nuclear power plant.  The state-run Press TV made the announcement this morning, hailing the move as bringing the country "one step closer to realizing its stated goal of becoming a peaceful nuclear power."  On its website, the English-language television channel announced the insertion of nuclear fuel into the core of the power plant in the southern port city of Bushehr.  The facility is the country's first nuclear reactor.

The latest development comes as both the U.S. and European community try to coax Tehran back into stalled talks over its nuclear enrichment activities.  Many western countries fear the Iranian program is aimed at developing nuclear weapons.  Skepticism about the country's real goal led to a new round of sanctions from the UN Security Council in June and tighter measures against Tehran from Washington and the European Union.