Iran Admits To Building Second Enrichment Plant

09.25.09 | FL News Team

Iran has admitted to having a second uranium enrichment plant under construction.  The International Atomic Energy Agency said this morning that Tehran revealed the existence of the plant to IAEA Director-General Mohamed ElBaradei [[ el-BARE-uh-day ]] on Monday.  The admission, made in a letter, said the plant would be used to enrich uranium only to a level needed to generate electricity.  The latest revelation comes just before six world powers and Iran sit down to discuss its disputed nuclear program on October 1st.  

An IAEA spokesman says the agency has been assured by Iran that no nuclear material has been introduced into the facility.  The agency has requested specific information and an immediate inspection of the plant to make sure it will be used for peaceful purposes.  It's already known that Iran has one enrichment plant at Natanz where it has stockpiled low-enriched uranium in a rapidly expanding operation.  The plant has nearly nine-thousand centrifuges installed to process uranium.  Western countries fear the centrifuges will be used to process uranium for use in atomic weapons.